A wireless textile-based sensor system for self-powered personalized health care

Keyu Meng, Shenlong Zhao, Yihao Zhou, Yufen Wu, Songlin Zhang, Qiang He, Xue Wang, Zhihao Zhou, Wenjing Fan, Xulong Tan, Jin Yang*, Jun Chen*
Matter 2(4), 896-907, (2020)
DOI: http://10.1016/j.matt.2019.12.025


Internet-connected clothing/textiles is a promising but underexplored option for future personalized health care. Here, we report a textile-based sensor (TS) system with art design for wearable biomonitoring and interacting over the Internet. The TS is capable of delivering a sensitivity up to 3.88 V/kPa for ambient tiny pressure sensing. Made of durable materials, the TS exhibits remarkable robustness after more than 80,000 cycles of continuous operation. A wireless biomonitoring system (WBS) has been developed for timely processing of the acquired human pulse wave signals, wirelessly transmitting and displaying the patient’s health data via an APP interface onto a smartphone. The WBS was used to effectively diagnose obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome during a whole night of sleep even with body movements. The textile-based wireless biomonitoring system represents a solid step toward constructing a body area network for personalized health care in the era of the Internet of Things.