Photo-rechargeable fabrics as sustainable and robust power sources for wearable bioelectronics

Nannan Zhang, Fang Huang, Shenlong Zhao, Xinghao Lv, Yihao Zhou, Siwei Xiang, Shumao Xu, Yongzhong Li, Guorui Chen, Changyuan Tao, Yi Nie*, Jun Chen*, Xing Fan*
Matter 2(5), 1260-1269, (2020)


Smart textiles for electricity generation are a superior energy solution with greatly improved convenience and comfort for wearable bioelectronics. However, maintaining the sustainability and stability of the power supply, though highly desirable, remains a great challenge. Here, we present a photo-rechargeable fabric with economically viable materials and scalable fabrication technologies. The fabric was able to constantly deliver electric power for 10 min at 0.1 mA after being charged for 1 min under the standard 1-sun condition. It can also work normally under twisted and watery circumstances and hold the stored energy for over 60 days without significant voltage loss. The photo-rechargeable fabric was demonstrated to power a body area sensor network for personalized healthcare.