Invitation to report

Our team had the honor to invite Associate researcher Guangfeng Liu from Shanghai Institute for Advanced Study of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Associate Researcher Xiaoxia Chang from School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering of Peking University to make academic reports at the Nano Center.

Associate Professor Guangfeng Liu, who graduated from the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, is in charge of the operation of synchrotron radiation biological small Angle X-ray scattering line station.

He is mainly engaged in the operation and maintenance of biological small Angle scattering line station. In his report, he introduced the application of small Angle scattering technology of BL19U2 line station in the study of soft matter.

Xiaoxia Chang Associate Researcher from Peking University School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, national high-level overseas young talents.

He is mainly engaged in the design and mechanism research of (optical) electrocatalytic reaction systems, in-situ characterization of electrochemical interfaces and the development and application of high-efficiency reactive stack devices. In his report, he briefly introduced the mechanism of carbon-carbon coupling of spectral characterization on Cu-catalyzed CO electroreduction, which benefited everyone.